About Indiana Country Club

We take great pride in providing the distinct priviledges and fellowship expected from a private club. The Indiana Country Club features a highly rated golf course, fine dining, a saltwater pool that includes a children's interactive play area, and a brand new Kid's Club. Our family-friendly environment give parents, grandparents, and kids the opportunity to enjoy club amenities. Throughout the year, our club hosts golf events, dining events, and themed parties for your social enjoyment.


On July 7, 1919, the Indiana Country Club was incorporated as a non-profit organization...

The charter stated, “The club is to be devoted to the cultivation and encouragement of outdoor athletic sports and indoor social enjoyment.”

The Indiana Country Club property was purchased in the name of E. E. Wells. Then Mr. L. F. Swinter was awarded the contract to build the original clubhouse in July, 1919.

A complete interior renovation of the clubhouse was completed in 2014 followed by the addition of a pool in 2016. In 2017 a Kid’s Club was built to enhance the experience children and grandchildren of club members. These changes created a modern atmosphere for our membership and their families to enjoy for many years to come.

Indiana Country Club members are justly proud of its history and traditions. In our ever-changing world of business, it is not uncommon to find the names of three generations of the same family on the Indiana Country Club roster. We face the future with a determination to keep this heritage for our children and our children’s children. All members proudly claim Indiana Country Club as their club and continue to enjoy it for the physical and social benefits it was intended for by the original charter on July 7, 1919.